The Enigma of Riverdale Unveiled - Unravel the hidden truths of Riverdale as a fearless group of teenagers embarks on a quest to uncover a chilling secret that threatens to shatter their lives.

Resurgence: The Jason Blossom Chronicles - Witness the shocking return of Jason Blossom, presumed dead, as he storms back into Riverdale seeking retribution against those who wronged him.

Echoes of the Black Hood - Brace yourself for a heart-pounding comeback of the notorious Black Hood, resuming a deadly spree that sends tremors of fear through Riverdale's core.

Into the Unknown: The Farm's Arrival - Mysterious and sinister, The Farm cult descends upon Riverdale, ensnaring some of the town's beloved teenagers in a web of intrigue.

Gargoyle King's Resurrection - A new malevolent force emerges, this time taking the form of a Gargoyle King, as Riverdale's youth find themselves trapped in a chilling game of survival.

Chronicles Beyond the Veil: A Riverdale Odyssey - Step into a parallel dimension with a special episode that peels back the layers of Riverdale's reality, offering a fresh perspective on your favorite characters.

Harmony in Melody: The Riverdale Musical Extravaganza - Let your heart soar as Riverdale's iconic characters burst into song and dance, bringing classic and original melodies to life.

Continuum: Riverdale's Next Chapter - Join the journey as your beloved characters navigate life beyond high school, venturing into college life and embarking on new adventures.

Riveting Pages: The Riverdale Comic Book Saga - Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and gripping narratives with an officially licensed Riverdale comic book adaptation that captures the essence of the series.

Virtual Descent: The Riverdale Video Game Quest - Grab a controller and dive headfirst into the virtual rendition of Riverdale, where you control the fate of characters and uncover mysteries in an interactive adventure.