EMRI Green Health Services: Unveiling Job Prospects

Introduction to EMRI Green Health Services: EMRI Green Health Services stands as a pioneering healthcare establishment with an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled medical provisions throughout the vibrant realm of Assam. Rooted in an unyielding dedication to quality care and a mission to ensure accessible and efficient healthcare, EMRI Green Health Services has rightfully garnered recognition as an industry forerunner in healthcare.

Career Vacancies:

1. AH-HR

Location: SHO,Guwahati

Qualifications: MBA in HR with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the HR field.

Number of Vacancies: 1

EMRI Green Health Services is actively seeking an accomplished Senior Officer of Human Resources (SHO) with extensive experience to spearhead our HR endeavors in Guwahati. Armed with an HR-focused Master’s degree and an established track record spanning at least half a decade in the HR arena, your responsibilities encompass the sculpting of our HR strategies, nurturing a conducive workplace, and ensuring efficacious talent management.

2. Accounts Executive

Location: SHO,Guwahati

Number of Vacancies: 1

Qualifications: B.Com & Minimum 2 years Of Experience

Are you a meticulous professional with a knack for numbers and a passion for finance? EMRI Green Health Services is seeking an accomplished Accounts Executive to join our team in Guwahati. As an Accounts Executive, you will play a pivotal role in managing financial transactions, preparing reports, and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our financial records.

3.Mechanical Engineer (EME)

Location: Anywhere in Assam

Number of Vacancies: 10

Qualifications: B.E/B.Tech holder in Mechanical Engineering, fortified by a minimum of 3 years’ practice.

Are you an engineering enthusiast specializing in mechanical engineering? EMRI Green Health Services is in quest of Mechanical Engineers to occupy 3 positions within Assam. Your three-year repository of expertise will be pivotal as you contribute to the upkeep and operation of our medical apparatus, ensuring the seamless dispensation of healthcare.

4.Field Auditor

Location: Anywhere in Assam

Number of Vacancies: 3

Qualifications: Any Graduate with relevant experience.

Attention to detail and a knack for thorough analysis define you? Consider joining EMRI Green Health Services as a Field Auditor. With 10 vacancies spread across Assam, you will be responsible for conducting comprehensive audits, ensuring compliance, and contributing to the enhancement of our operational efficiency.

6. Management Information Systems (MIS) Executive

Location: SHO,Guwahati

Number of Vacancies: 2

Qualifications: Any Graduates with Computer skil.

EMRI Green Health Services searches for tech-savvy individuals to assimilate as MIS Executives in Guwahati. A profound grasp of computational skills coupled with an acute eye for precision renders you responsible for data oversight, the formulation of insightful reports, and the facilitation of strategic decision-making.

7. Executive Resource Officer (ERO)

Location: SHO,Guwahati

Number of Vacancies: 30

Qualifications: Any Graduates with Computer skil.

Seize the chance to affiliate with EMRI Green Health Services as an Executive Resource Officer (ERO) and contribute to the streamlining of administrative functionalities. Your solid foundation in computer proficiency positions you as a cornerstone in record maintenance, resource management, and the seamless orchestration of our establishment.

Application Process:

We encourage eligible aspirants to grasp this opening by dispatching their updated curriculum vitae to the subsequent email addresses prior to September 5, 2023. Please specify the desired position (Job Title) in the email’s subject line.

Email: recruitment_hr@emri.in & dipankar_das@emri.in

Application Deadline: September 5, 2023

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Exploring Assam: Situated in the northeastern expanse of India, Assam emerges as a realm characterized by a tapestry of cultures, resplendent natural beauty, and a heritage steeped in richness. From its picturesque landscapes to its vibrant traditions, Assam beckons as a realm that proffers a distinct and enriching experience to all who call it home.

Embarking on a Journey with EMRI Green Health Services: At EMRI Green Health Services, we harness the potency of collective exertion to effect transformative changes in lives. Unite with us in our pursuit to deliver comprehensive healthcare solutions and lay the groundwork for a healthier tomorrow for Assam’s denizens. We extend a warm invitation to devoted professionals to coalesce with our ranks and channel their proficiencies towards our mission.

N.B.: While we value the interest of all applicants, only those selected for further evaluation will receive communication. We express our gratitude to all applicants for considering EMRI Green Health Services as their prospective career haven.

Job Opportunities GVK EMRI ASSAM RECRUITMENT 2023 (FAQs)

What is EMRI Green Health Services?

EMRI Green Health Services is a well-established healthcare organization dedicated to providing exceptional medical services across Assam. Our commitment to quality care and accessible healthcare has made us a prominent name in the healthcare industry.

How do I apply for a job at EMRI Green Health Services?

To apply, you need to submit your updated resume to the provided email addresses: recruitmenthr@emri.in and CC: dipankar_das@emri.in. Make sure to mention the applied position (Job Title) in the subject line of the email.

What roles do MIS Executives play in the organization?

MIS Executives play a crucial role in managing and analyzing data, generating reports, and supporting strategic decision-making. They contribute to efficient data management and help the organization make informed choices.

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