Breaking Boundaries: Israel’s Cutting-Edge Missile Defense System Makes History with $3.5 Billion Deal

On Thursday, the Israeli defense ministry revealed that the United States has granted approval for Israel’s request to sell the Arrow-3 missile system to Germany. This decision marks a significant milestone, constituting Israel’s most substantial defense deal to date.

The clearance from the United States sets the stage for Israel and Germany to solidify a landmark defense agreement valued at $3.5 billion, according to an announcement from the Israeli defense ministry.

Officials from Israel were notified about the approval by the US Department of State on the same day, as confirmed by a spokesperson from Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

Since 1986, Israel and the United States have been in a joint endeavor, working on the development of the multi-billion-dollar Arrow missile defense system. The focal point of this collaboration is the Arrow 3 system, specifically engineered for intercepting exo-atmospheric ballistic missiles. This technology enables interceptions to occur at higher altitudes beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

A spokesperson from the Israeli ministry has revealed that senior officials from both Israel and Germany are poised to formalize their commitment through a $600 million letter of agreement. This funding infusion will facilitate immediate progress on the project. A comprehensive contract will subsequently be drawn up pending the approval of both countries’ respective parliaments.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant underscored the significance of the US approval, considering it a testament to Israel’s defense industries’ exceptional capabilities and a reflection of the robust defense partnership between the two nations. Gallant also emphasized that this decision would not only strengthen Israel’s military capabilities but also contribute to its economy. He further noted the profound meaning attached to Germany’s acquisition of Israeli defense systems, particularly for the global Jewish community.

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